#2 – Do Ebooks dream of charity shop shelves?

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Being the budding book reviewer that I am I have been lucky enough to receive some ARCs (advanced reader copies) of peoples yet to be released books… which is INSANE! Honestly, how freaking cool is that? Like, a company looked at me and thought “Yeah, sure. He asked nicely enough.” – I was so happy digging into my first ARC that the method with which I was reading them did not factor in until about halfway through.
Something I have forgotten to mention is that all of the ARCs that I have received have been in Ebook format, specifically for the Kindle/Kindle App. Now I did not mind this in the slightest, like everyone else in existence I have a smart phone and a tablet, which meant I could access the books via the app. It also saves the company behind the fledgling novels a lot of money as they are not printing out books and handing them out to someone who hasn’t really made a name for themselves within the reviewing biz yet.
It’s just…. I have now read about 3 or 4 ARCs in a row and… I miss books.

One of the joys of an Ebook is that I can read it on my paper thing tablet, I don’t have to hold the vice-like pages of a physical apart, or hold it in a certain way to make sure that I can read the page and that it doesn’t flip over or close entirely. On some books this is a nightmare, have you ever tried maintaining a single position whilst reading a book of more than 500 pages and not have to readjust due to tired arms? Because I haven’t. So just plonking my iPad on my lap and lazily swiping to access each adventure a new page held as if I was trawling Tinder for my next conquest was a welcome change. Yet I quickly began to miss the pain, to miss searching for the correct position that allowed me to hold the book whilst also stopping one of my butt cheeks from going numb or my slightly too small underwear from riding up my arse.
I miss the tactile sensation of a book. Of being able to see how far you have gotten through it, how much you have achieved in the hours since first going to bed. Looking on the app to find that I was in location 2643 of 6712 meant absolutely nothing to me, I didn’t get that same response, the rewarding feeling of a night well spent.

Also the novels felt different. I don’t mean the fact that the ebooks felt more like an iPad than a book, I mean that the content itself felt different, as if I wasn’t being absorbed into the world as much because I was viewing it through a screen rather than being sucked in through physical pages.

I am not completely denouncing the idea of ebooks, I still have a few ARCs I need to get through and would like to keep receiving them, I just miss a proper book.

So, for the next few weeks or so, I am taking a break from my screen and delving back into the printed word.

And yes… I did come up with the cool title before the actual content of this rambling and have therefore had to discuss a topic that would fit into it… so what? Wanna fight about it?

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